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Water Division part1

St. George Island

I think there are two categories of people in the world.  There are those that love to dive under the water, holding their breath, their movements liquid and graceful, and experience the basic serenity of submersion in all its weird wonderfulness.  They want to enjoy the different, new, or unique at a pace of their own choosing.  They want to bathe in slow, languid feelings and discover something beyond compare, something most tend to overlook, each time they explore.  Oppositely, there are those who like to ride on top of the waves, seeking thrills and adventure and something akin to danger.  They revel in the unexpected, delight in the fact that some things are out of their control.  These people wish to have adventure thrust upon them, delighting in their ability to conquer, to do, to have, or to be.  They want to experience things at a pace fast and furious and never seem to have enough.  They are wonderfully immersed in their current passion and their flames burn brightly, if only for a moment.

I’m certain there are numerous sub-categories of people; it is beyond difficult to divide people so easily.  I am a sub-category, myself.  I love to experience the serenity of the sea, delight in the deep blue differences, and relax under the sun’s rays breaking underwater.  But I also love the tempest-ridden thrill of the waves, the turbulent, tossing water, and the breathless excitement of being a nothing upon something so elemental.

I know that underwater is not all serenity and calm.  There is excitement in submersion.  There are violent undertows, hungry predators, swirling whirlpools.  The excitement is of a different caliber, more straightforward and easier to anticipate.  There is calmness in the muted sounds, beauty in the abstract lighting, pleasure in the exploration.  There is an inherent feeling of being part of something so vast and seemingly so slow.  There is a feeling of security, no matter how false.  So I am the underwater girl – the one who finds peace, joy, serenity, and happiness in the beauty under the sea.

But letting the hot sun beat on my skin as I ride above the water is beyond compare.  Seeing the clouds floating serenely through the sky as I attempt to prepare for whitewater is both calming and thrilling beyond belief.  There is the beauty of the sky, coupled with the anticipation of the wave that creates a moment so pure, so real and so intense that I labor fruitlessly to capture in it words.  The knowledge that there is no escape once the ride begins is a rush of adrenaline, a feeling of being both in control and out of control.  There is a part of me that craves more adventure, more daring, and aches to be more willing to give up those feelings of concern.  So I am the whitewater girl – the one who finds thrills, adventure, energy, and happiness in the beauty above the sea.

I am just me ~ un-categorized, misunderstood, straddling the lines between worlds.  I am a creation in progress, an unsettled entity, an enigma to most.  I am the best of me, fighting to emerge victorious, believing that it is never too late.  I am …