Services Offered

I am here to provide exceptional, personalized services in an impersonal world.  Together we can create the uncommon from the common, the exceptional from the mundane, and the spectacular from the mediocre.

I provide writing, culinary, and photography services.

I am a freelance writer.  Whether you require a ghostwriter, help with your memoirs or journal, or simply need an editor for your paper, I am an experienced, competent, and personable resource.

In addition to this blog, I write for Guardian Liberty Voice, an online newspaper. The articles are generally current and breaking news about science, technology, and health though I have been known to write current news on other subjects. I can also be found on HubPages though I haven’t written anything new in awhile. The articles there range from news about 54′ inflatable ducks to a school in NY promoting a vegetarian cafeteria to breaker boys in coal mines.  I am always looking for new writing projects.  I adore expanding my horizons.

As a personal chef and/or culinary designer, I can provide menu, meal entree or dessert plans and designs for your individualized needs.  I provide on site meal preparation for shut-ins, busy families, and cooks-in-training.  We can cook in tandem, organize your prep area, and learn new techniques.

I will happily provide photography in conjunction with the chef and/or writing services, or as a stand-alone service.

You may currently contact me through this site or through my facebook page
 I will be happy to discuss your personal needs.


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