Ask Me Anything

Go on, ask me anything.  Whatever you want to ask, whatever you wish to know, I’ll be happy to answer it for you in words that you can understand.

Do you want to know the difference between ‘lie’ and ‘lay’?  Ask away.  Do you want to know what is in a Lynchburg Lemonade and how to mix one up for all your friends?  Consider it done.  I can even tell you the temperature you need to sustain and for how long in order to reduce a body to ashes.  I don’t suggest you attempt to put all the information we discuss into practice but hey, sometimes you just wanna know.  From apples to zebras, Holidays to Tuesdays, carburetors to collaborators, I will tackle your most nagging questions.

If you want to bake a pie for the holiday, I can help you out.  If you want to fit 14 people in a house built for one, I have the time, the inclination and most importantly, the experience in doing just that.

What have you got to lose?  Throw it at me and we will bury it together 😉




Don’t be shy.  Feel free to request a topic ~ if I don’t know the answer, I will certainly find it out for you.  Yes, I am one of those pseudo-insane people who actually adore research.

Bring it on *wink*

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5 responses to “Ask Me Anything

  • Mary Anagnostopoulos

    What is the aquatic meaning of life as pertains to the changing of the seasons and ice hockey.

    • tuesdaydangergirl

      As everything is made predominately from water, the aquatic meaning of life is a tad redundant but I’ll give you a pass, this time.

      As the seasons change, so do the aquatic properties of all life. The water in the air, the water in the ground, the water in all things, changes. During the summer the water heats and evaporates and flows, sustaining and supporting life until the fall season when the temperatures cool and the water turns sluggish as do all living things. The winter brings freezing temperatures – effectively slowing life to a crawl – some beings hibernating, some expending all their energies to stay alive until the spring thaw and warmer temperatures. In most cases, spring is the season of renewal, life affirming cavorting, a celebration of surviving the harshness of winter. Ice hockey is nothing more than man’s way of telling the universe ‘screw you’ while thumbing his nose at the harsh reality of the outdoors, effectively making fun of the ice that abounds. The meaning is clear – ice hockey is a mockery of life and its harsh realities.

      Thus, it follows that the aquatic meaning of life as pertaining to the changing seasons and ice hockey is ‘yes’.

      Either that, or 42.

  • Tom R.

    Why does coffee just taste better at 3:30 am?

    • tuesdaydangergirl

      Coffee just tastes better at 3:30 am for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is sleep deprivation. Your body is providing you with a mental crutch. Your subconscious realizes that you are, for whatever reason, awake at 3:30 am and need to remain awake, hence the coffee drinking. Because your subconscious isn’t stupid, it puts two and two together and provides you with pleasant feedback in order to ensure your continued intake of caffeine and the physiological effects needed to maintain awakeness.

      In conjunction with your ever-so-intelligent subconsciousness, it is easier to maintain exclusivity in the gustatory and olfactory perceptions from your cup-o-joe. Given the obscene earliness (or lateness, depending on your point of view) of the hour, there is generally less going on around you as a majority of the population is either sleeping or attempting to sleep. There are not as many other smells and/or tastes getting in the way of your java appreciation and so you have a more exclusive and unencumbered enjoyment of the entire coffee experience. You also take the time to notice the heat, the smell, the taste of it as opposed to just downing the coffee like a madman on the run while the world crashes all around you.

      Finally, coffee tastes better at 3:30 am due to one final and simple fact. It’s all subjective.

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