Coffee and Coincidence

I’m sitting in my local coffee shop listening to some insanely good basement music, drinking coffee, and wondering what I should write now.  I began the day with one of my infamous odd coincidences.  I’ve finished with some pressing work and have more to do but I’m taking the time to write yet another blog post.

I find it amusing that I was again drinking coffee on the way to get coffee.  When I laughingly mentioned my predilection for a pre-coffee coffee to a new acquaintance the other day, he replied that it sounded like a great post.  That little conversation stuck with me.

This morning I posted my double coffee idiocy as an update on my FB account.

Not five minutes after posting this tidbit of information on my social network, I walk into the coffee shop.  The same gentleman from the bakery with whom I had coffee post conversation happens to be sitting at the table next to the one I acquired.

How’s that for coincidence?

Amusements aside, I settle down to get some actual work done and almost immediately my favorite table becomes available.  I quickly jump tables and become immersed in my work and my internet time.

I’m one of those people that get lost in their work.  I’m completely interruptible when I’m working (don’t let the show of fangs and the low growls scare you off) yet I am mostly oblivious to my surroundings.  If the words are flowing sluggishly, I can cease typing and provide my full attention to someone or something.  If the words are pouring forth like flood waters heading downstream, I’ll still be able to give attention to something else, perhaps just not a full hundred percent.  Try not to be overly surprised if I should continue typing at the same time we are conversing.  I’ve found that I can hear and process information during these times, I just may not actually remember it until later.

(Note to all ya’ll.  If this happens to you, a nudging reminder after an episode such as described wouldn’t be an awful idea.)

And I apologize in advance.  I don’t know if I can completely describe the urgency of some words.  The words begin flowing through my head, in the correct order, with the precise vocabulary and particular grammar and it needs to be written down, typed, saved and it must be done right then, and just so.  The words are an insistent toddler tugging at my sleeve for attention.  It is possible to delay that attention; it just doesn’t tend to be either productive or conclusive.  Something is invariably lost in the delay.  It looks blankly at me with the incomprehension of the toddler who has forgotten what she wanted.  It smiles and hugs me, shrugs its shoulders and skips away, already involved with something else.hair3

That being said, there are a number of those counterfeit toddlers yanking at my sleeve, poking me with their insistent little fingers, hopping from foot-to-foot in the urgent child dance of impatience.

I’ll go care for my toddlers for a bit and then maybe I’ll see you on the other side.  They’re jumping up and down, ganging up on me, and attempting to overwhelm me right now.  Wish me luck.




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