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Sometimes out of catastrophe and devastation,  the most wondrous things can come.  Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, new beginnings can be greater than the past.

Last night I had a suppressed memory surface in the midst of something amazing.  I am processing, albeit slowly, the implications of the ordeal.  I feel wrung out, emotional, yet oddly empowered.  I am a new Phoenix about to take wing.  Renewed, refreshed and ready for the future.  An unknown weight has been lifted from my shoulders and though I know that I will need time to deal with all the implications and emotional turmoil, I have no fear.

I am in the midst of a renovation in my physical world as well.  A simple project has become a nightmare, as home improvement projects are ridiculously wont to do.  A few small hours of my time has become a race to complete before I must reveal that my idea was larger than my time allowance.  The end results will be worth the effort but my opinion is not the only one.  I hope that my task is looked upon as the smouldering ashes of the Phoenix-dying and have it be thought that the ending will be the flight of the Phoenix-to-come.

What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight.

Back to the fight ~ peace.

Balm of Life

Life is a series of diverse happenstances.  Our time is filled with happiness, horror, monotony, pain, sadness, and all things in between – incidents ranging from lackluster, tedious moments to brilliant sparks of clarity and intense emotional outpourings.

Allow the wonderful times to flourish in thought and action and become gifts that give of themselves in perpetuity; memory to support, cheer and honor your life.  We can take these moments and hold them safe in our minds and our hearts and use them to counteract the negativity of anything tedious, hurtful or unpleasant.

Let us allow the love we feel to pervade our thoughts and drive our actions.  Let us grab the moments of play and beauty and sweetness and hold them dear, never allowing the sparks of ennui or melancholy to capture us and drag us to the depths of dissatisfaction.

Let us live and love and laugh.  And when we find that we cannot be other than downhearted, moody or lachrymose, let us feel and think and know that this too shall pass.  Let us attempt to remember the things we have for which we should be thankful and let us again come back to love and laughter.

Peace, dear reader, I wish you peace.

TDG         I wish you peace <3