Weebles Wobble

Weebles wobble was not actually any of the titles I had considered for this post until just now.  It just suddenly seemed like a good idea and given the fact that I haven’t posted in days, I gave up trying to find the perfect title and decided to just write.

Originally, I was thinking about Bugs Bunny and the episode where they say “which way did he go, boss, which way did he go?” and Bugs points right with his left and left with his right and its just a comedic cluster-f*ck, if you will.  I wondered if entitling this one ‘non-sequitur’ might work and I desperately tried to find a short phrase which means ‘running around in 27 different directions like a chicken with its head cut off’.  And yes, chickens sometimes still run around after they get decapitated.

After this, I began to think about all the things going on in my life and I realize the last couple of things are challenges.  Technically, they are all challenges but I tend to find the writing ones fun and so I categorize them as something more playful.  The challenges that suck, though … kinda truly suck.  But I’m a big, tough, competent girl and I can handle it.  In fact … I’m like Wonderwoman (or Superwoman) – made out of steel.  Tough.  Unbreakable.

I’m a Weeble.

And for all of you who may be too young, too old, too sheltered, or too oblivious … “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”

So, I’m cutting this post short and basically saying nothing except this.

Throw it at me, I will persevere.

Ok?  Ok.

Next time if you’re lucky (or feeling unlucky, as the case may be) I will delve into the depths of all my running around.  And perhaps break down and ask someone how to do the thing on this  blog site that I just can’t manage to figure out how to do.  Spoiler – it involves building a link base/page.

Just.  Can’t.  Figure.  It.  Out.

Chin up, gang.  The only constant is change.



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The quintessential pessimistically optimistic meat-eating vegetarian hippie chick who believes wholeheartedly in peace, love, toast and sox but not necessarily in that order. And the tiara. It's all about the tiara ;) View all posts by tuesdaydangergirl

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