Have you ever thought that something was one way only to have it revealed that it was something else entirely?

Just this morning it was revealed to me that I have been laboring under a seriously false impression.  Not only was I wrong in what I was thinking but the fact of the matter is that I was being given a gift and I perceived it as disrespect.

That’s a harsh reality to wake up to in the morning.

You must know what I’m talking about.  There are times in everyone’s lives that they think they know something or can see something that isn’t true or isn’t there.

Just as a visual demonstration, have you ever seen the optical illusion of the picture of the woman?  What do you see?  Perception test 1

Do you see an old woman with a large nose bundled up in a babushka?  Or do you see a young woman with a black choker as a necklace?

I usually begin by seeing the young woman.  It is all a perception of what I am seeing and not necessarily what is there, what the artist meant for me to see, or what other people see.  I really like this illusion because it points out fairly readily that things aren’t always as they first seem.  My reality is different from yours just as yours is different from mine.

A good friend with insightful thoughts once told me that everyone is the star in their own drama and that the rest of the world is comprised of incidental characters.  I may have gotten the wording wrong but I believe I am accurately portraying the sentiment.  I believe that he meant that everyone behaves, consciously or unconsciously, like the world revolves around them.  People can only see things from their own perspective because that it truly the only perspective they get.  You can certainly attempt to see things from another’s point of view but in the end, you apply your ideas, your experiences, your feelings and thoughts to every situation.

And clearly, this is only what I took what he said to mean and may not accurately reflect what he was thinking about or meaning or attempting to get across my thick skull.

And we wonder why people find it so hard to get along.

I hope you all can appreciate that what I think I am saying and what you are reading may, in fact, be two completely different things.

Try to remember that the person who says something that hurts you may be meaning something else entirely.  Because of the differences of your pasts, your experiences, your perceptions, and your current mindsets, what each of you are experiencing may be polar opposite.

I feel humbled.  I am thankful that I was afforded the time and the consideration to be heard and I am flabbergasted that I continued to have an impression that was so vastly different from reality.  I thought I had a pretty good grip on reality but it appears it was only *my* reality and not the same thing.

All we can do, people, is try to remain calm and talk.  If I tell you what my impressions are and you tell me what your impressions are, maybe we can work out our differences and get a better understanding of each other.  Maybe this will eventually lead to a higher understanding of everyone else around us.

Let us all make an effort to remain calm, give the benefit of the doubt, care about each other, and have the open-mindedness to try to see reality from each other’s perspective.  We have so little to lose and so much to gain.

Let peace and understanding begin at home and maybe, someday, we can ALL learn to coexist.



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