I think I killed the world

I’m about to launch a new blog, a new website, two new facebook pages – one for my Tuesday DangerGirl blog (this one … heeeeelllloooooo) and one for my new cooking/foodie website.  I’ve started two new jobs and still have an ongoing temp position.  I ghostwrite, blog and am in the middle of three separate books.  I have home projects to take care of, family matters to attend to and renter issues to resolve.  I ebay, craiglist and pray to the powers-that-be that my bills will remain covered and maybe I’ll be able to have enough leeway to breathe and relax soon.  I have an idea for book #4 which would involve some extensive photography on my part and November starts soon.  During November I typically enter the NaNoWriMo writing challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days.

On the fun side, I play poker, dance, write, whitewater kayak (when the time and water cooperate), walk, exercise, create new food sensations, scheme and dream.

I have a lot on my plate right now.

And no, there really wasn’t any pun intended with the cooking blog info and the plate reference, but hey, I’ll take it.  If you don’t knock the easy ones out of the park, you’ll neglect the harder ones soon enough.

Ok, so I’m in the middle of all these things and … I drop the MiFi on the floor.  Typical trainwrecky type thing in my world.  Problem here is that although the damned thing seems to have suffered no damage, it refuses to reconnect me to the ‘net.  Now that is a problem.

I’m going to go on a little tangent here and tell you a story.  So as usual, the blog that was all nicely laid out in my head will cease to exist and will be replaced by this piece of writing.  Not that this writing won’t be all wonderful and stuff, but it certainly won’t be the original idea that I was going to write.  Not that I usually end up writing what I meant to when I sat down at the keyboard but hey … it might be nice to have the idea and the writing sorta-kinda come close to matching once in awhile.

So, here I am, typing all this down and looking at my connection, which is not connected, and getting frustrated.  I need access, I need the ‘net, I need to be able to post this bit when I’m all through.

But it looks like I’ve broken the world.

And that, my friends, is what I want to tell you about.

No, no, no, I don’t want to tell you about breaking the MiFi.  I want to tell you about our little bitty joke that continues to amuse me on a regular basis.

The first time I needed to get online here in NY, I needed to find a WiFi spot.  You know what I mean, a public coffee house or a bookstore or (rather unfortunately) a McDonald’s.  It truly is amazing the places you will venture when you want to get connected.

Anyway, the SO had a USB MiFi which he let me borrow.  Since it allowed me access to the internet, which, as we all know, is the gateway to life, the universe and everything, he joked that he was “giving me the world”.

I, of course, swooned.

And when I was done hamming it up for an audience of one, I took the connection, got online and could access every little thing that I wanted access to that day.

He really did give me the world.

Since that time, we have upgraded (or in many ways in our minds – downgraded) to a multiuser MiFi so we can share the connection.  We’ve decided to share the world.  Even though the connection now regularly sucks frog sweat, arbitrarily drops our connection, slows us down to a snail’s pace more often than not, we can both sorta-quasi get online at the same time.

We like to call the MiFi “The World”.  And since the “upgrade” we like to joke about how ‘The World’ sucks!

Most fun is when we can parallel our connection issues to real life situations and talk about two things at once.

We are geeks, yanno.

Anyway, here’s hoping I didn’t kill the world and that I can get back online and post this entry.  I have too much to do today to get stuck with a non-functional world.

It sort of reminds me of driving in the city.  At rush hour.

I guess if I don’t manage to get online at home, I can hit the McDonald’s down the road again today.  Wellllll … I’ll go after I change and after I play another word in our ongoing scrabble tournament.  We played to 10,000 but the scores were so close that we’ve extended it to 20,000.

Did I mention that we’re geeks?

I hope I can save the world …


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The quintessential pessimistically optimistic meat-eating vegetarian hippie chick who believes wholeheartedly in peace, love, toast and sox but not necessarily in that order. And the tiara. It's all about the tiara ;) View all posts by tuesdaydangergirl

3 responses to “I think I killed the world

  • jackofnone32

    I am happy to say that the World survived TuesdayDangergirl’s attempt to kill it. The World, apparently, is much tougher than we thought.

  • Tom R.

    What is is TuesdayDangerGirl’s thought on Tachyons? Could they really exist?

    • tuesdaydangergirl

      There was a young lady named Bright,
      whose speed was far faster than light.
      She set out one day,
      in a relative way,
      and returned home the previous night.

      Do tachyons exist? I truly don’t know but do you ever see two images of the same thing, one coming and one going? Is it because tachyons don’t exist or because you aren’t ever at the right place at the right time or because you are unobservant? Perhaps it is simply an unsound theory, the idea of two images. I don’t know, nor do I have the training to make a truly educated guess.

      DO they exist? What do *you* think?

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