Tuesday, the bane of my existence

Most people believe the worst day of the week is Monday.  I understand their point, truly I do.  It is difficult leaving the weekend behind and reinvesting yourself in another work week all while knowing the next weekend is as far away as it can get.  I’d like to give you my take on the matter.

I think Tuesdays are the worst day of the week.  Yes, Mondays are the day that you have to begin a new workweek but presumably you are rested and relaxed after a weekend with no work.  You are refreshed and willing to tackle new projects, finish projects from the week before, you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Wednesday is the pivotal point of the week.  Once you are up and at work on a Wednesday, you have made it halfway through.  You begin the anticipate the weekend, make plans, and you know you are more than halfway to your R&R.

Thursday, wonderful Thursday is even better!  The weekend is only a day away!  You begin to imagine all the things you can do over the weekend and make your plans on Thursday.  The possibilities are practically endless.

Friday doesn’t even require discussing.  Friday is the last day of the work week.  As soon as you punch the clock at the end of the day, the weekend has begun.  What’s not to like about Fridays?

The problem day in all this is Tuesday.  You are no longer rested and relaxed from the weekend.  Projects and chores are accumulating, to-dos are being added to your list at an alarming rate, and you wonder how you will ever make it through until Friday.  The past weekend is only a memory and the weekend to come is in the nebulous future.  From the getting out of bed until the sleeping at night, Tuesdays are merely a day to get through.

In my case, however, it tends to be even worse.  Tuesdays and I don’t seem to get along.  Most things that can go wrong, always seem to go wrong on a Tuesday.  Washing dishes?  Crash.  There goes my favorite glass.  Vacuuming the floor?  The vacuum will pick this day to back up and explode a cloud of dust and debris into the previously clean air.  Walking from the kitchen into the dining room?  I’ll probably run into the doorway and hurt myself.  Driving to a brick and mortar job?  One of the tires will be flat-ish or I’ll need gas and the prices will have mysteriously have gone up another $.20 overnight.

Little things, you say?  Yes, these are all little things.  There are plenty of big issues that occur on Tuesdays and on an obnoxiously regular basis.  I think I might leave those for another day, though.  If I try to write about them today, I’ll probably get sued for libel or perhaps the computer will suddenly die on me.

You see, today happens to be Tuesday.


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